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MiCandidate has been designed to be the most flexible assessment platform to assist HR and recruitment professionals to make informed decisions which reduces both time and cost.

  • The only platform that offers you to choose from over 25,000 pre populated unique questions and or allows you to upload your own questions specific to your business.
  • Real time test results available in a simple to use reporting framework which allows you to benchmark both internal and external candidates.
  • A unique option to choose from templated question sets or allow the algorithmic function to make the test progressively harder allowing you to test your candidate to their true potential.


Testing built for recruiters

We are the only platform that is transparent on question answering

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Recruitment has evolved over the last decade with many agencies needing to produce better results on their PSL’s or added value services to win PSL’s. Mi-Candidate gives recruiters the ability test every candidate on their database or ones that are being presented to client and be confident that they have secured the best person for the role.

  • Ability to screen for better candidates which in turn leads to better CV to Interview Ratios.
  • Offer a real USP for new and existing PSL negotiation by offering a real added value to clients by screening all their candidates.
  • Supply results of tested candidates straight through to clients.
  • The most cost effective screening platform starting at £150.

High volume Recruiters

Today many firms are looking to do their recruitment internally over their entire business to save costs with recruitment fee’s. Many HR departments do not have the expertise or time to vet all the candidates that apply on line. Mi-Candidate becomes the critical solution to identify the best candidates in the initial stages prior to interview by questions selected by the hiring management.

  • Save time and cost by screening upto 1,000 candidates simultaneously per test.
  • Run campaigns with specific tests designed for each role independantly.
  • Excellent first and second round screening process with automatic interview or rejection Email software build-in.

Direct Recruiters

On-site recruitment consultancies are now more competitive and have to show real added value to retain end client business. As a result the need to demonstrate they are being innovative in the approach in securing the best candidate and still reducing costs is more relevant than ever. Mi-Candidate demonstrates this as every candidate can easily be tested for the end client and will ultimately assist them winning or retaining their RPO solution.

  • Create a powerful assessment centre specifically for your clients needs by having access to over 25,000 questions but more importantly adding your own specific questions……. Create a legacy unique to your business.
  • Whilst the platform allows all candidates to be tested we have found a large number of HR departments testing current staff to benchmark their internal knowledge base.
  • This sets out a solid benchmark for new joiners and future training needs.
  • Create independant tests specific for each role within minutes.
  • Avoid losing £1,000 on the wrong hire simply assess them and save £1,000 on hiring the right candidate.

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